Imagine a world where you can have anyone as a mentor

Choose a mentor from our list of AI personalities, and ask for personal advice and lessons.

Finding someone who can clear your doubts is difficult

We get it. You’re feeling lost. You want a guiding light. You want someone to clear your doubts. 🤔

But successful people are busy. And you know, beggars can’t be choosers. So you end up with bad mentors. Bad advice. And ruined life. 😫

Or, you spend $300 per month on some platform. Bullshit. 🤬

With Mimir, you don’t need to have $$$ or be a networking junkie to find a good mentor

Choose a Personality from our list of available AI-personalities

Start talking and asking for advice

The AI will ask you relevant questions based on your previous queries

The more you talk, the better advice you get

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